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Follow-up is needed for most babies, with varied aims. Babies with an uneventful hospital stay have to be watched for jaundice 24-48 hours after discharge if discharged within first 3 days of delivery. Babies who have been sick due to any reason will be followed up for assessment of their brain functions, hearing, and visual assessment. Biggest risk factors among them are probably gestational age and birth weight. 

Such conditions include, but are not limited to prematurity, low birth weight, Asphyxia, shock, need for ventilation, infections, jaundice, heart diseases and congenital malformations.

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Your infant is a valuable blessing which needs satisfactory tend to future prosperity. You should visit your pediatrician/neonatologist for general care and development. A typical infant who is released inside 72 hrs of birth requires to be seen by your specialist after 48 hrs, if all is well. On the off chance that you infant has hazard factors as surveyed by the specialist; he/she may should be followed up before. If there should arise an occurrence of preterm babies general follow up is required as prompted by the specialist.

Why a regular follow up is needed?

Normal follow up is vital for the appraisal of neonatal prosperity through breastfeeding, neonatal jaundice, weight pick up, pee and stool yield, vaccination and customary advising of mother and family on different issues. 

A consistent follow up ought to be done as prompted by your specialist which might be month to month in the event of ordinary infants and fortnightly or week by week if there should arise an occurrence of high hazard babies. 

This is additionally imperative to evaluate the customary development of your child and to do convenient mediation if required. Your infant needs quick care in the event of torpidity, poor sustaining, decreased pee yield, cyanosis, unusual developments, and so on. 

Standard catch up with your pediatrician/neonatologist can understand a large portion of your inquiries , help in legitimate development of your infant with best medicinal care and forestall such huge numbers of unexpected issues for your infant. Basically follow up visit to your specialist is an unquestionable requirement once your infant is released from the doctor's facility and remaining visits rely upon the hazard class of your child as exhorted by the pediatrician.


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