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Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of morbidity in both western world and developing countries including India. It kills one child every 15 seconds. Despite these sobering statistics, there is good news: solutions exist to prevent and treat pneumonia, and ultimately save young lives and significantly reduce the burden on families and society.
 Preventive strategies for pneumonia in children include Immunization: It’s the most effective way to prevent pneumonia Vaccinate your baby against Hemophilus influenza(Hib) Pneumococcus, Measles and Whooping cough (pertussis) Adequate nutrition: It’s a key to improve baby’s natural defenses, Research studies suggest exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life is effective in preventing pneumonia and also reduces the duration of illness and hospital stay. Healthy environment: Addressing indoor and outdoor air pollution and encouraging good hygiene in crowded places goes a long way in promoting health in general and pneumonia in particular.
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What is Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a life-threatening illness caused by a virus or bacterium that creates an infection in the lungs. The air sacs in the lungs fill with pus and other liquid, which makes breathing difficult. Both forms of pneumonia, viral and bacterial, strike quickly and can be dangerous if left untreated. In many cases, pneumonia can present itself as a common cold or bad cough, but bacterial infections can develop without earlier cold symptoms

what is sign and symptoms of Pneumonia?

On the off chance that your child shows any of the side effects of pneumonia beneath, he needs quick restorative consideration. Blue lips or a blue face demonstrates that your child isn't getting enough oxygen, and quick hospitalization is fundamental.

High Fever - normally more than 102°F and joined by chills and muscle torment 

Weariness - languor, shortcoming, and absence of vitality 

Worked Breathing - Breathing examples might be fast however shallow, from the stomach rather than the chest, and with inordinate nose flaring or wheezing 

Hacking - beneficial or "wet"; bodily fluid (which can be corroded or green hued) might be hacked up from the lungs. In serious cases, bodily fluid may be tinged with blood. 

Blue Coloring - blue-shaded or tinted skin (in newborn children, this is particularly unmistakable around the lips and face) 

Agony - chest or stomach torment, contingent upon which part of the lung or lungs are contaminated 

Stomach Troubles - sickness, heaving, and even loose bowels

How to prevent pneumonia?

There are no ensured approaches to maintain a strategic distance from pneumonia, however there are a couple of preventive measures you can go out on a limb to limit your child's hazard. All guardians and parental figures ought to routinely wash their hands; pacifiers, containers, and toys ought to be routinely washed to expel microscopic organisms and infections. Children can be given the pneumococcal antibody, now endorsed for babies under age 2.

Treatment of Pneumonia ?

Pneumonia can't be dealt with at home; you should see a specialist is quickly. It is vital to put stock in your senses and request offer assistance. A beneficial, wet hack is really a helpful piece of the recuperating procedure, however don't utilize hack suppressants and expectorants without first counseling a specialist. For bacterial pneumonia, the specialist may endorse anti-infection agents; an immense change for the most part takes after the second measurements. Anti-microbials can't be utilized to treat viral pneumonia. 

In the wake of sitting with your infant for 10 minutes in a steam-filled restroom, utilize your measured hand to pound the child's back and chest solidly for a couple of minutes. This treatment may make your child hack, a sign that the treatment is working. Specialists suggest this treatment for both bacterial and viral pneumonia. 
Utilize a cool fog humidifier or vaporizer amid the night. 


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