Best Hospital in East Delhi with Multiple Facilities 

Multi Speciality doctor's facilities in East Delhi are social insurance organization giving treatment particular specialists. In East Delhi, the Makkar Multi Speciality doctor's facility commonly contains human services office in its area, with vast quantities of beds though concentrated couldn't care less and long-haul care of the patients. Makkar Multispecialty doctor's facility in East Delhi is appraised as the Best Hospital in East Delhi with Multiple Facilities. The Makkar Multispeciality healing center is had practical experience in different classifications.

Best Hospital in East Delhi with Multiple Facilities incorporates: 

Super Specialty Services 

• Non-Invasive Cardiology

• Non-Invasive Neurology

• Non-Invasive Gastroenteritis

• Non-Invasive Nephrology.

Claim to fame of Makkar Hospital Best Hospital in East Delhi with Multiple Facilities 

• Pediatric

• Obs. and Gynecology

• Medicine

• Surgery

• Orthopedics


• Eye

• Plastic Surgery

• Cosmetic surgery

• Pediatric Surgery

• Endocrinology

• Gastroenterology

• Neurology

• Nephrology

• Dermatology

• Anesthesia

• Cardiology

• Urology

• Psychiatry

• Chest Physician

• Paed. Nephrology

• Physiotherapy

• Pathology

• Radiology

• Dialysis unit

Our Core Specialty 

1. Laparoscopic Surgery –

2. Obstetric and Gyane Surgery –

3. Orthopedic Surgery –

4. Pediatric Surgery –

5. Plastic Surgery –

Rundown OF FACILITIES at Makkar Hospital 

• Makkar Hospital is the Best Hospital in East Delhi with Multiple Facilities. It is a 50 Bedded healing facility with Private rooms, Semi-Private rooms and General Ward, and so on.

• Facilities of Emergency, ECG, X-beam, Laboratory (modernized), Ultrasound, EEG, Medical store (in-house) and flask office for accessible 24 hours is accessible at Makkar Hospital.

• Makkar doctor's facility is Fully Equipped Modular Operation theaters (minor and major) with the beat oximeter, C-Arm machine.

• Makkar Hospital has ICU/NICU/PICU/HDU offices with Cardiac Monitor, Defibrillator, BIPAP and CPAP ventilator.

• Nursery completely outfitted with Double surface Phototherapy, Single Surface Phototherapy, Incubator, Radiant warmth hotter, CPAP Ventilator.

• Physiotherapy

• Dental Surgery

OPD SERVICES at Makkar Hospital 

Best Hospital in East Delhi with Multiple Facilities Separate OPD for all divisions with all non-obtrusive indicative administrations is accessible at Makkar doctor's facility.

OPD opens from Morning 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and Evening 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Makkar Multispeciality healing centers is the Best Hospital in East Delhi with Multiple Facilities having the scope of divisions, for example, surgery mind unit, cardiology, crisis mind, ICU, incessant treatment unit, radiology, pathology, and so on. It's the best clinic in East Delhi which is to a great extent staffed by proficient specialists like the doctor, specialists, and medical attendants.

We have the best specialists at Makkar Multispecialty Hospital. Our specialists are perceived everywhere throughout the world for creating new methodologies, refining their aptitudes from routine strategies to negligibly intrusive surgeries. We have conferred cardiologists and cardiothoracic specialists additionally for the counteractive action and treatment of coronary illness.

We have the best audits from our patient's and their relatives.

See Some audits what our client says : 

Best Hospital in East Delhi with Multiple Facilities 

My child was seen rapidly in Makkar Multispeciality Hospital, my child had a temperature and was very unwell. Makkar Multispeciality Hospital staff were magnificent. My child was conceded and consumed to space 3 hours in the wake of landing in healing center. Drs incredible, all medical attendants taking care of my child were fantastic. They all completed an awesome activity. I thank every one of you.

Ravi Sharma.

October third, 2017

Hernia repair in Makkar Multispeciality Hospital 

I feel constrained to leave a survey about Makkar Multispeciality Hospital. I went to Makkar Multispeciality Hospital on third sep 17 touching base at 7.30am and was taken to the crisis ward in a matter of seconds. Each staff part who managed me was very expert, kind and thoughtful of my prosperity, nobility and each part of care. I can't talk exceptionally enough about Makkar Multispeciality Hospital. Authority finished my surgery, they and the analgesic staff ensured my task was easy and that I was as agreeable as conceivable subsequently. I have had surgery three times now, and this experience was by a wide margin the best for the condition, staff, neatness, and generally remain. I am at home in bed now recuperating, however, would prescribe Makkar Multispeciality Hospital to anybody whom may require it. A debt of gratitude is in order for demonstrating how astounding Makkar Multispeciality Hospital is and how incredible the preparation of the staff is. A debt of gratitude is in order for all your assistance.

Good grades, Sheetal

The maternity ward at Makkar Hospital is the best 

Best Hospital in East Delhi with Multiple Facilities I couldn't settle on Makkar Hospital or Max; beforehand I conceived an offspring at Max. I chose to utilize Makkar Multispeciality Hospital this time subsequent to being conceded at an opportune time in pregnancy. All through all my pregnancy, the staff was awesome, from in minor wounds, GAU, specialists, filters, anesthetists, up to the day I conveyed. The wards and conveyance suites were such a great amount of superior to Max healing facility. 3 beds to a stay with an en-suite.

The conveyance suite was super. The staff was there for us 100% and I felt beyond any doubt we were in superb care with me and infant being checked continually. Every 15 mins in labor our super maternity specialist who was there from beginning to end checked our daughter's pulse. I'm so happy we went at Makkar Multispeciality Hospital this time. The main drawback is they could do with all the more stopping, however, most doctor's facilities have this issue, and fortunately, my better half figured out how to get spaces alright for our work remain. I would state Makkar healing center is Best Hospital in East Delhi with Multiple Facilities.


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