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Advice for Patients

  • Most patients who have surgery recoup well. Notwithstanding, every so often patients may get a disease. A surgical injury contamination happens when germs from the skin or the earth enter the entry point (cut) that the specialist makes through the skin to complete the operation.
  •  A surgical injury contamination can create whenever from a few days after surgery until the point when the injury has recuperated (normally a little while after the operation). Less every now and again, and contamination can happen a while after an operation. Contaminations after surgery can prompt different issues, for example, a more extended remain in doctor's facility.

What can I do?

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Preoperative Shaving

To help lessen the danger of contamination, we ask for that you don't shave, with the exception of facial hair, for 10 days before your operation date. This forestalls harm to the skin which can abandon it open to disease. A few specialists expel hair before surgery, yet this will be done in theater. In the event that somebody tries to shave you before surgery, inquire as to why you must be shaved and address your specialist on the off chance that you have any worries.

  • Washing prior to surgery

You can decrease disease by guaranteeing that you have a careful wash with hot lathery water before your operation, giving careful consideration to skin folds. On the other hand, you can utilize a germicide wash which you can get from your nearby drug store

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  • Your wound dressing

During your stay in hospital, the nurse who changes your wound dressing will check for any signs of infection.  If you are concerned about your wound, please tell the nurse who is looking after you.  Don't be tempted to touch your dressing, your wound, or wound drain.  You could accidentally transfer germs from your fingers to your wound.

  • Keeping warm

Research has demonstrated that the danger of disease is decreased on the off chance that you keep warm. If you don't mind guarantee you carry warm garments into healing facility with you, for instance a robe. You ought to likewise wear warm garments when you come into doctor's facility. In frosty climate you could likewise warm up the auto before you get in. On the off chance that you feel frosty amid your doctor's facility stay, please approach the nursing staff for additional covers. On the off chance that the radiators by your bed are not working, please illuminate an individual from staff.

  • Hand Hygiene

Hand cleanliness is the best method for keeping the spread of contamination. The odds of creating contamination can be fundamentally decreased if medicinal services staff purify their hands when looking at patients. If it's not too much trouble ask social insurance staff who come to look at you on the off chance that they have washed their hands or utilized the liquor hand rub. Kindly don't feel humiliated or unbalanced while asking for this data as we respect your assistance in protecting you. This same standards apply to guests giving individual care, for example, showering, washing, dressing, bolstering, and toileting. All guests are required to utilize the liquor gel on entering and leaving the ward.

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Are you diabetic?

Let the anaesthetist know if you have diabetes or high blood sugar.  People with high blood sugar have a greater chance of getting infections after surgery

How will I know if I develop a wound infection?

After you leave hospital, you may develop one or more of the following symptoms:

  • your wound has a green or yellow coloured discharge (pus)
  • you feel generally unwell of feverish, or you have a temperature
  • The skin around your wound gets red and/or sire, or it feels hot and swollen

These manifestations could show that you have an injury disease. You should tell your family specialist who will choose on the off chance that you require treatment. A swab might be taken from the surface of your injury and sent to the research center for testing and you might be endorsed anti-infection agents.

Surgical Site Infection Surveillance

We are also measuring the rates of patients developing surgical wound infection as part of a surgical site infection surveillance programme.  When you are discharged home, we will also obtain information via the district nurse and from the nurses when you visit outpatient's clinic regarding your wound.

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