Makkar Multispeciality Hospital provides comprehensive Mother & Child Care servicesin East Delhi. Reach us for any query, enquiry -+919555883399

Makker Multispeciality Hospital has medical expertise, state of the art infrastructure, latest technology and compassionate care to assist with high-risk pregnancy, pediatric and neonatology care, antenatal and ancillary support services. Makkar MultiSpeciality Hospital, we provide a range of useful programs to give the expecting, aspiring mothers and the neonates the special care guidance and support that they deserve.

 Contact: or +919555883399 for appointment

Makkar Multi specialty Hospital special services provides for Mother and Child care services:

Birth isn't just about making babies, yet in addition about making moms. A period that ought to be inherently upbeat loses its radiance when blended with stress and weariness. We, at Zoctr trust that each mother merits the best baby blues mind alongwith best care of the infant and what makes it considerably more advantageous is such care being conveyed in the solace of your home. Our complete Mother and Child Care programs are painstakingly intended to help and support the mother and infant in the most ideal way that is available remembering their own sensitivities and necessities.

Mother Care Highlights :

  • General Postpartum Adjustment and Emotional Support 
  • Lactation Counseling 
  • Bosom Feeding – Latch and Feeding Technique 
  • New Born Characteristics Recognition and Baby Care Education 
  • Episiotomy Care 
  • Back rub Therapy 
  • Dietician Nutritional and Weight Loss Consultation.
If you conern about the Mother care services  Contact: or +919555883399 for appointment

Baby Care Highlights :

  • Washing, Diapering and Umbilical Cord Care 
  • Inoculation and Immunization 
  • Alleviating and Swaddling Techniques 
  • Feeding Meal Preparation and Baby Wearing 
  • Burping Techniques 
  • Back rub Therapy 
  • Wellbeing Emergency Support Management

If you conern about the child care services  Contact: or +919555883399 for appointment


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