The pediatrics division contains Pediatric Medicine and Pediatric Surgery. It is one of the most established units of Makkar Multispeciality Hospital, 

The doctor's facility has outstanding amongst other Neo-natal and pediatric ICUs for infants and pediatric patients in the city.

It is outfitted with most recent hatcheries, overhead warmers, ventilators, and phototherapy gear.

The Department of Pediatrics obliges the restorative needs of new born's, kids and youths up to 18 years old.

Our pediatric Surgery masters are extraordinarily arranged in surgical watch over posterity of all ages – from the most minute newborn children to young people and energetic adults. We have pediatric pros in each surgical subspecialty, from cardiovascular surgery and general surgery to neurosurgery and transplant surgery. Much of the time, a child's care may incorporate a gathering of pediatric experts from a couple of surgical and restorative qualities.

Our authorities work in front-line workplaces outfitted with the latest advancement. Here, our pros are pioneers in pediatric unimportantly meddling surgery- – an approach that rates recovery, diminishes torment and points of confinement scarring, appeared differently in relation to regular open surgical methods. 

In Pediatric Surgery that your child has disease, damage, or ailment that requires surgery, a pediatric expert has the experience and capacities to treat your adolescent. 

Surgical issues seen by pediatric experts are much of the time exceptionally not the same as those normally saw by an adult or general authorities. Exceptional getting ready for pediatric surgery is indispensable 


Pediatric issues (up to14 years)

Pre-adult solution (14 to18years)


  • Neonatology/Perinatology 
  • Pediatric Problems (0-14 years) 
  • Pre-adult Medicine (14-18 years) 
  • Varying media Aids for Teaching 
  • Halfway Cooled ICUs 


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